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Heat Pump Services in Dallas

If you rely on a heat pump for home heating in Dallas, then you may know just how stressful it can be when that heat pump is broken. It can be hard to find companies that offer any sort of heat pump service, let alone expert heat pump repair, replacement, or installation in Dallas.

At Cody & Sons Plumbing, Heating & Air, we have heat pump experts ready and waiting to get your heat pump working again or get a new one installed for you. We work with these systems all the time, so we can help you get your heat back on fast. Stop worrying and call us for heat pump service today!

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Heat Pump Repair

When your heat pump isn’t working, don’t panic. Just call us and say, “Who can fix my heat pump?” We’ll connect you with one of our heat pump repair experts and get you a convenient appointment soon. Before long, your heat pump specialist will be at your home.

Our Process

All of our visits for heat pump repair in Dallas start with a conversation. We want to know what you’ve been experiencing with your heat pump so we can get you the right repair for your home.

After we know why you called us, we’ll examine the heat pump itself. Before long, we’ll know why your heat pump is broken and what needs to happen to complete your heat pump repair in Dallas. We’ll start that repair right away and get your heat working again soon.

Open communication is very important to us at Cody & Sons. If you’re not happy with the work we’re doing or you have further questions about your heat pump, feel free to talk to us at any time. We will also communicate with you about the status of your repair, it’s cost, and when you can plan on having it completed.

We’ll test the repair before we go, just to make sure we were successful in answering your call of, “Fix my heat pump!”

Heat Pump Replacement

If it’s time for a heat pump replacement just let us know. Similarly, we will tell you if we think heat pump replacement would be better for you than repair. If you choose to get a new heat pump, we’ll help you find one that will be perfect for your home. Then we’ll order it and install it for you, too.

Heat Pump Installation

Whether you purchase your new heat pump through us or not, we would be happy to get your heat pump installation done for you as soon as possible. We’ll install according to the manufacturer’s specifications, then make sure your heat pump works before we leave. We’ll ask you to test it, too, just to make sure it is functioning the way you expect it to.

Dallas’ Heat Pump Experts

At Cody & Sons, we know that your heating is important to your lifestyle and we love to help you stay warm. Call us at the first sign of a heat pump problem to have a local heating expert sent out to your home fast. Make your appointment today and find out how easy it is to get warm soon.

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