Meet The Team

Our friendly staff and technicians are here to serve you any time of day. Learn more about the Cody and Sons team below!

Management Team

Randy Cody

Owner/CEO, Responsible Master Plumber

Randy is the second of Bill’s three sons and took over the business in 1999 with his brother Gary, who later retired. Randy worked summers at the company from the time he was 13, receiving his Journeyman license in 1976. He became a Master plumber in 2000 and he has been full time with the company for 40 years. He believes in maintaining the same outstanding workmanship and customer service his father taught him, working tirelessly to make sure our company stays built on honesty, integrity and fairness.

Phillip Cody

Owner, Plumbing Service Manager

Phillip has been in the plumbing business since 1998. He learned the family plumbing business from his grandfather Bill, the company founder. He is a natural leader and known for his genuine and upfront nature. He is very knowledgeable of his trade and a true craftsman. You can trust that he will give you the right price upfront and expect your project will be completed with upper level skill. Phillip became a Journeyman Plumber in 2001 and a third-generation Master Plumber in 2014. He is proud to have his son Cameron on the team training as a fourth generation plumber.

Mark Burke

Owner, Plumbing Service Manager

Mark Burke has been part of the Cody team since 2004. It was an exciting invitation to join Cody & Sons because Mark and Phillip, Bill’s grandson, have been friends since a young age and began their plumbing careers together in 1999 as new construction plumbers. For Mark, the idea of joining the Cody business was more about joining a family he had grown to love. Mark became a Journeyman Plumber in 2001 and a Master Plumber in 2010. As part of the Cody team, he has been highly focused on service plumbing and remodeling projects. His goals remain to provide top quality products and to ensure his customers receive excellent service—all while keeping that “I can do that” attitude.

Tony Shepherd

HVAC Service Manager

Tony joined the team in 2014 to expand our business to heating and air. He has been in the HVAC industry since 2000. He holds an Associates of Applied Science in Residential Air Conditioning & Refrigeration and is a licensed Texas Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractor. Tony is an expert in his trade and excellent with customers, willing to go the extra mile and works hard to help customers as promptly as he can. He is also very active in his Duncanville community.

Plumbing Service Experts

Cody Nicholson

Lead Service Technician/Journeyman Plumber

Cody is a Journeyman plumber that has been with our company since his apprenticeship. He is our Lead Service Technician. He gained experience in contracting and maintenance while working for his family’s property management group. He has excelled at learning the plumbing trade, earning his Tradesman after just over 2 years as an apprentice and quickly moving up to his Journeyman. He is a great asset to the team. He is a hardworking and dependable family man, and always goes out of his way to assist our customers and the entire team.

James McDaniel

Fleet Manager/Journeyman Plumber

James is a Journeyman Plumber and our Fleet Manager. He worked many years ago for Bill Cody and left to pursue another career. He returned in 2015 as a Plumbing Apprentice with a lot of experience already under his belt. In October of 2016, James completed enough hours to take his Journeyman exam and he passed with flying colors. We are very proud to have licensed plumbers on our team that are Cody & Sons trained from day one. He is an excellent technician that continues to better himself by pursuing the training and skills to further his career.

Cameron Cody

Journeyman Plumber

Cameron is a 4th generation Journeyman Plumber and the first great-grandson of our founder Bill Cody, grandson to Randy Cody and son to Phillip Cody. He started as an apprentice when he was 16 years old. Cameron was born in Dallas, but resided in League City near Houston. He now resides in the surrounding area of the Dallas Metroplex and is working towards purchasing his first home. He enjoys unwinding after work and on weekends doing one of two of his favorite things, video games and/or golf.

Matthew Allen

Journeyman Plumber

Matt is a Journeyman plumber who joined the Cody & Sons team as an apprentice in 2017. He quickly picked up on the plumbing trade and excelled as an apprentice. He obtained his Tradesman license in 2019 and worked diligently towards obtaining his Journeyman license in 2021. He has lived in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area most of his life. He graduated from Mansfield Timberview High School. He is a family man with 2 healthy boys. He resides with his family in East Texas where he enjoys spending time at the lake fishing and swimming.

Selso Sifuentes

Tradesman Plumber

Selso is a Tradesman who joined Cody & Sons in December 2018as an Apprentice. A proud lifelong Texan, he was born and raised in Galveston and has lived in Dallas since 2009. He had been interested in learning plumbing for a while when, in a lucky coincidence, one of the HVAC team members happened to be making repairs at Selso’s Oak Cliff home. He asked about the company, did a little research and the rest is history. Having found a great career path, Selso is enjoying helping people while learning a great trade. He truly feels that one of the best aspects of Cody & Sons is that they treat their team members like family and their customers like friends.

Adarius Brooks

Tradesman Plumber

Adarius was born and raised in Dallas. He graduated in 2012 from DeSoto High School. He played football until age 16. He has been working in the customer service industry since the age of 17. He got into plumbing in 2017 because he was interested in finding a trade where he could use his hands. He joined the team in Fall of 2019 and has enjoyed it ever since.

Devin "Maverick" Bennett

Journeyman Plumber

Maverick was born and raised in a small town in east Texas on a farm. After high school, he went to Texas State Technical College in Waco for plumbing. After finishing the program, he went straight into new commercial plumbing. He has been a plumber since 2014. In October of 2020, he married his beautiful wife, Heather. This also marked the moment he officially became a dog dad to Kali, an adorable Australian Retriever mix. More recently, He became part of the Cody & Sons family in February of 2021. When he is not working, you can find him back home on the farm or hanging with friends and family. Lastly, he likes to go hunting, fishing, and swimming in his free time.

Aaron Torres

Journeyman Plumber

Aaron joined the Cody and Sons team September 2021 as a Licensed Journeyman Plumber. His background in plumbing began about 20 yrs ago in Las Vegas and later back home to Dallas, TX. Aaron earned his license in 2018 and takes pride in his workmanship and problem solving skills. He enjoys working with his customers and meeting new people. Aaron has 3 beautiful children and is an artist at heart. In his off time, he loves spending time with his kids, playing video games and finds painting, cabinetry building and refurbishing relaxing.

Allstar Plumbing Apprentices

Andrew Holsworth

Plumbing Apprentice

Andrew is a family man who lives with his wife and 2 kids in Waxahachie. He joined Cody & Sons interested in changing his career focus in Construction to strictly plumbing. He is focused on his plumbing career and driven by helping customers.

Joseph Tyler

Plumbing Apprentice

Joseph is a plumbing apprentice that joined the team in 2021. He has curated the most awesome beard. He has a great sense of humor and loves serving our customers. He is a team player who shares the core values of respect, compassion, reliability, integrity, and problem solving.

Cody DeJong

Plumbing Apprentice

Cody is an Apprentice Plumber that is studying for his Journeyman exam. He goes above and beyond to get things done right the first time. He is a gamer in his free time.

Micah Ortiz

Plumbing Apprentice

Micah is an Apprentice plumber that joined the team in 2021. He is hard working and devoted to learning his craft. He aspires to become a Journeyman plumber. He is a great dad as well!

Jonathan Musgrave

Plumbing Apprentice

Jonathan has been in the plumbing field since 2018 and loved it ever since he started. His entire life he has always put others ahead of himself. Joining the Cody & Sons team in 2021 has allowed him to do just that and more. He appreciates how serving the customer comes first at Cody & Sons. His goal is to grow with this company and continue to learn as much as possible a long the way.

Jamal Jackson

Plumbing Apprentice

Jamal is a plumbing apprentice that joined the Cody & Sons Team in 2021. He has had an apprentice license since early 2019 and he is working towards getting his plumbing license. He loves plumbing because its a great trade to have because everybody has a plumbing issue. Jamal says, '"If I can help people then I feel accomplished for the day." He says his biggest skill is talking (if you can call that skill.) "I talk to everybody and I love to just hear what people have to say." His hobbies include anything sports related. He stays on top of all the major sports.

Evan Thomas

Plumbing Apprentice

Evan is an experienced Apprentice Plumber who is taking his Journeyman Plumber exam in the Fall of 2021. He is a wealth of knowledge because he is very good at asking questions. He knows how to put his nose to the grindstone and work hard too. He is engaged to be married soon!

HVAC Service Experts

Jeff Boyd

Registered Technician

Jeff is an HVAC technician that joined our team in 2016. He returned to the HVAC industry after a long period of working in the telecommunications field. His previous experience in HVAC was with his family where he learned the trade from his father. He is a Registered Technician, and is EPA and NATE certified He is very skilled in new installations and is also great with estimates. He is from the Waxahachie area where he resides with his wife and sons. He is always kind and friendly and we are very lucky to have him on our team.

Michael Taylor

Certified Technician

Michael received his certification in HVAC from Lincoln Tech in 2014. He is a Certified Technician by the TDLR as well as EPA and NATE certified. He joined the team at Cody & Sons in early 2017 and has proven to be a great addition. He has a great personality that matches his work ethic and he strives to be the best. He loves to sing and does it well. You can often hear his great voice before you can see him. He is an honest, friendly face who is looking forward to serving you!

Franco Andres

Certified Technician

Franco has been with the Cody & Sons team since May of 2018. He is a Certified Technician and also EPA and NATE certified. He began in the industry specializing in working on ice machines. He started in an apprentice role to gain experience in residential and commercial HVAC and quickly advanced to a Certified HVAC Technician. He enjoys the science of how HVAC works and the fact that there is something new to learn everyday in the industry. Franco was born in Mexico and has been in Dallas since 1994. He and his wife have 3 children, one boy and two girls, that he enjoys spending all of his free time with.

Nathan Fitch

Registered Technician

We like to call Nate "Mr. Sunshine". He is energetic and a problem solver. He excels at customer service and making sure the job is done right the first time.

Librian Williams

Registered Technician

Librian is an HVAC TDLR Registered Tech as well as EPA Certified. He loves to troubleshoot and problem solve. His skills are thinking outside the box, product knowledge, customer service, and safety. He loves to fish and he is a die hard Cowboys fan.

Mike Boyd

Certified Technician

Mike Boyd is a Certified HVAC Tech who joined Cody & Sons in 2020. He is from East Texas and learned the trade from his father. He is skilled and experienced in his craft. You may recognize his last name as he is brother to one of our long time team members, Jeff!

Weldon Willis

Registered HVAC Technician

Weldon has been in the HVAC industry for 4 years and has over 10 yrs of experience in customer service. It is important to him that he does what is right to meet the needs of the job. He is married with 2 daughters. He enjoys fishing and spending time with his family and church friends.

MVP Support Team

Robin Cody

Director of HR and Marketing

Robin is our Director of Marketing and Business Development in addition to Director of HR. She joined the company in 2014 to help spread the word about our business and manage new developments as our small family company has grown. She has a BA in Communications from the University of Texas at Arlington with a specialization in Advertising. She is also married to one of our plumbers, Phillip. They have two sons and a daughter. She is an Oak Cliff native who worked previously for Vet Stop Animal Clinic for many years as Office Manager and also at Cowboys & Indians Magazine.

Katherine McCrorey

Project Coordinator

Katie has been in the Heating and Air Conditioning industry her entire life. She's done everything from working in the field, to new construction and working in the office, where she is now our HVAC Dispatcher. Her passion is to provide the best customer service possible to help solve the problems you are having. She has a family of 4 that drives her to work hard and be the best that she can. She loves spending time with her kids, teaching them about life and watching them learn and grow. She joined the team in 2018, but she sees herself working here for a very long time. She loves the welcoming atmosphere and the quality of work we strive to provide; and she's grateful to be apart of this team.

Marissa Garcia

Customer Service Expert

Marissa has helped us out of and on for a few years as a personal assistant to Randy. Now she works part time in the office as an admin. She also plans to join our CSR team eventually. She is Randy's daughter and a granddaughter of our founder Bill. She loves animals and worked at a veterinary office for many years starting in high school. Her dogs, Jimmy and Riley, are her first priority. She also loves sushi, online gaming, and she's great with children. She is very loyal, reliable, and our office tech support. She has proven to be a great addition to our team.

Michael Morgan

Plumbing Dispatcher

Michael is our Plumbing Dispatcher. He joined April of 2019. He is new to the plumbing trade however has over three years of dispatching and management experience and almost ten in customer service! Michael’s values are integrity, dependability, and loyalty and being a part of a family business that holds these same values were important for him. Michael is a computer nerd! He spends his time on weekends working on computer projects like coding and hardware maintenance also reading and coaching basketball for youth at his church. Michael has two Catahoula puppies and they are the world to him. Fun Fact When you are talking to Michael he draws smiley faces to help remind him to smile while talking to you

Juanita Bedoya

Customer Service Coordinator

Juanita is our Customer Service Coordinator. She has been in Customer Service for 17 years. As soon as she turned 18, she wanted to leave her small town in West Texas and a call center was the quickest job she could find. She's learned a lot over the years and feel that working in Customer Service has helped her be more outgoing and interested in meeting new people. Sometimes hearing a friendly and kind voice is enough to make a person having a bad day smile, and that’s what she loves about her job. She strives to live by the commandment “Love your neighbor as yourself”. She's currently a fur-mom of two rescues, a Maltese mix-age unknown and Siberian Husky-7 years old. In her free time, you can either find her at church, shopping, napping, or finding the next best restaurant with her new roommate.

Louise Cody

Customer Experience Director

Louise is our Customer Experience Director. She works with our CSR team as well as customers to create the best experience possible and contain the tradition of excellence in customer service that Cody & Sons is known for as exemplified in our reviews. While working full time for a leading global industries, she completed her MBA from the University of Phoenix. She brings forth 35+ years experience in leadership transformation, human capital management, strategic planning and budgeting. She believes in the same outstanding workmanship and customer experience the family business aspires and targets to make certain our company stays built on honesty, integrity and respect.

Kristina Pena

Accountability and Implementation Manager

Kristina came to Cody and Sons a consultant, working with the team since January 2019. She joined the company permanently in April 2020. Her background in Marketing, Sales and Procurement has been integral to helping Cody and Sons continually improve through process development and improvement. Kristina holds a B.A. degree in Business Management and is currently attending Texas Christian University to earn an M.S. degree in Supply Chain Management. She resides in Johnson County with her teenage daughter. Kristina will always try out an easy diy or crafting project, and will turn to baking if her projects fail.

Kristina Weir

Accounting Specialist

Kristina has been in accounting for 5-6 years. She joined the team in August of 2021. She has an Associates degree in Science and working towards her Bachelors in Accounting. She loves the people and environment that comes with working at Cody & Sons. It is run by family and they bring you in and make you feel like family also. She has strong organizational skills and works well with people whether it's coworkers or customers. It's important to her to work with people who can work as a team and communicate. She has a fiance, a 12 year old son, and a 16 year old step daughter, all of whom she loves dearly, as well as a pup who is joined to her hip.

Carla Hernandez

Customer Service Expert

Carla joined our team in 2021 as a customer service expert. She had recently relocated to Texas for her husband's job from LA. They share a beautiful little girl and most of her free time is spent enjoying her. Carla is originally from a very small town in Illinois until 2015 when she relocated to California. She is the oldest of three siblings. She started working in customer service at the age of 17, and it has really helped her cultivate her outgoing personality. She loves helping other people and making sure they are well taken care of. You will know who she is when hear her smiling voice on the phone!

Kayla Green

HVAC Dispatcher

Kayla joined our team in 2021 as an HVAC Dispatcher. She has been in dispatch and customer service since she started working at the young age of 17. She was born in Dallas, and raised in Farmersville, TX. Her motivation to get up every day is her son, Weston. She ascribes to the theory of "what your mind believes, it can achieve" and believes in the power of positivity and angel numbers. The thing she loves most about dispatching is the fast pace, and the fact that she never stops learning.

Phillip Hernandez

Customer Service Jedi

Bio coming soon!

HVAC Install Experts

Lionel "Tre" Jones

Registered HVAC Tech

Tre joined our team in 2021 and is excited to start his career in HVAC after studying at Trade School. He has recently moved back to the Dallas area after being honorably discharged from the Air Force. He is quick learner and strives for excellence in all of his jobs. He is a great communicator and enjoys helping others. He has one son who means the world to him. He is proud of his faith in Christ.