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(Mostly) Weather Proof Your Home Systems with Generator Installation in Plano, TX

If you need generator installation in Plano, TX, there are more benefits than just convenience. Securing a generator for your home is a significant step toward ensuring your comfort and safety. It's also a part of weather proofing your home systems. The team at Cody & Sons Plumbing, Heating and Air offer generator repair in Plano TX, maintenance, and more for the continuous power you deserve. Protect Your Home During Intense Summer Storms If you want your home to stay...
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Why Won’t My Furnace Turn On?

If your Dallas furnace won’t turn on during this intense winter weather event of 2024, it’s an emergency, and you should call for furnace repair immediately. After all, with your furnace not working, you could get dangerously cold at home and you could even have your pipes freeze and burst. Fortunately, there are a few things you can check when your furnace won’t start. You may be able to do something to get your furnace started again. If you try...
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Discovering the Hidden Truths About Your Tap Water with Cody & Sons

When we fill a glass from the kitchen tap, we often take for granted the purity of the water we're about to drink. But what if the water that flows from our faucets is not as clean as we believe it to be? At Cody & Sons Plumbing, Heating & Air, our plumbers in Dallas are committed to illuminating the often-overlooked truths about Dallas water quality and providing solutions to ensure your family's health and safety. The Surprising Reality of...
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Military Appreciation Shout Out

May is Military Appreciation Month, a time when we reflect on the tremendous sacrifices made by our brave men and women in uniform. Every year we take this opportunity to honor and thank those who have served our country, and to recognize their selfless contributions to our nation. At Cody & Sons, we are lucky to have an employee who not only exemplifies these values but has also carried them over into his civilian life. Robert Phillips has been in...
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Happy Earth Day from Cody & Sons

Earth Day is a reminder that we need to take accountability for the choices we make in our daily lives. We can all do our bit for the environment by making small yet significant changes to reduce our carbon footprint. Plumbing, heating, and air systems are a great area to focus on when it comes to conservation. Here are five conservation tips that you can implement to reduce your environmental impact: 1. Fix Leaks Promptly If you notice any leaks...
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