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A lot of homeowners don’t think must about their garbage disposal until it stops working. We don’t blame you! After all, you probably don’t use your garbage disposal that much and it’s not something you have to look at every day. It is, however, something you need to have fully operational when you need it.

If it’s time for a new garbage disposal or you need garbage disposal repair in Dallas, call us at Cody & Sons. We’ll send one our experienced plumbers in Dallas, TX with expertise in garbage disposals to get yours running again soon or to help you get a new one that will fulfill all your garbage disposal needs.

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Dallas Garbage Disposal Repair

If your garbage disposal isn’t working, call our plumbers in Dallas, TX for your garbage disposal repair right away. Don’t let the problem go because it can create clogs in your drain and give your house a nasty odor. Instead, tackle the issue right away by calling now to get it fixed soon.

Not sure if you need garbage disposal repair in Dallas? Here are some common issues that we can fix.

  • Your garbage disposal won’t turn on
  • Your garbage disposal makes unusual sounds when you try to use it
  • Your garbage disposal seems stuck and won’t turn
  • You have an odor coming from your garbage disposal and you’re not sure why

Call now and we’ll be there soon. Before long, we’ll have your garbage disposal working normally once again!

Dallas Garbage Disposal Replacement & Installation

Since garbage disposals are relatively inexpensive when it comes to pieces of your plumbing system, we often recommend replacing yours rather than paying for an expensive garbage disposal repair. If our plumbers in Dallas think this is the best option for you, we’ll let you know and talk you through the pros and cons of both decisions.

If you decide to replace your disposal, we’ll make sure you get a great new one in its place. We’ll match your needs to a disposal that comes from a reputable manufacturer and that we believe will work well for you for many years. Then our experts in Dallas plumbing will install your new disposal and check it before we leave, too.

Working With Cody & Sons, Your Dallas Plumbing Experts

When you choose Cody & Sons for your garbage disposal repair in Dallas and the surrounding areas, or to help you get a new garbage disposal, we’ll get an expert to your door quickly. Your local plumber will make sure they understand what has been going on with your disposal, then get right to work. He or she will work hard until they find the problem and get it completely repaired for you.

We value your satisfaction. If you’re not happy with your garbage disposal after we leave, we’ll come back and get it working to your standards.

Contact us at Cody & Sons today for your garbage disposal repair and any other garbage disposal needs you might have. Our trusted plumbers in Dallas will get there fast and fix everything so it works just the way you need it to. Make your appointment today!

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