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AC Repair Service Dallas

The team at Cody & Sons can get you professional AC repair in Dallas when you are experiencing an issue with your cooling system! We’ll send out an air conditioning technician to your property to quickly figure out what the problem is, and get started on your air conditioning repair right away. As a family-owned business with more than 50 years of serving local property owners, we are the Dallas air conditioning repair company to contact when you need AC repair or any other help with your HVAC system.

We’ve provided AC repair for more than 50 years, so you can trust that the technician that shows up at your home or business is an expert who has been extensively trained and will be able to get your Dallas air conditioning back on again. With the intense heat that we get here in the Dallas area, a quick and reliable response is crucial – and you can count on Cody & Sons to provide you with one when you call for your Dallas air conditioner repair.

Fast and Easy AC Repair Dallas & DFW

As soon as you realize that something is amiss with your air conditioning system, reach out to us. We will show up on time and with a fully stocked truck, ready to get everything repaired as quickly as we can so that you are minimally inconvenienced. Our AC repair team will not leave your property until we are sure everything is remediated and working correctly again.

Fair Pricing for Air Conditioning Repair in Dallas

Unlike other air conditioning companies in DFW that may try to push extra services, we never upsell anything and always offer a fair assessment of what needs to be done. We offer free estimates for what your AC repair in Dallas will cost if we can visually inspect and diagnose the issue, or charge a small fee if we need to use equipment or machinery to see what‘s going on. That charge is applied to the cost of the air conditioning repair service if you decide to go with our estimate.

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Signs You Need Dallas Air Conditioning Repair

If you’re hot at home, that’s usually a clear indicator that you need some level of Dallas AC repair. Did you know, though, that many units will let you know that something is wrong before they stop cooling or die completely? Pay attention to these signs and you may be able to fix your air conditioner before you overheat at home.

  • Your air conditioner never shuts off. In a best-case scenario, your AC runs for a while as it’s cooling your home, then it turns off until your house heats up again. Only then will it switch back on. This saves your motor and helps reduce overall wear and tear on the unit. If it’s running all the time, it’s either not cooling effectively or something has gone wrong.
  • Your air conditioner blows lukewarm air. Ideally, the air coming out of your vents isn’t just a little bit cooler than the air in your home, it’s downright cold! If your AC only blows coolish air or the air it blows gets warmer as the day goes on, it’s time to get it looked at.
  • Your air conditioner turns off and on rapidly. If all you feel like you hear is off-on-off-on all day, then your air conditioner isn’t working the way it was designed to. Get someone to check it so that it doesn’t experience more wear and tear or risk burning out a switch or the motor.
  • Your air conditioner seems to run well but you’re still warm. If you turn down the temperature on your thermostat but you’re still not getting as cool as you think you should, have someone out for an AC repair to make sure everything is working as it should.
  • You keep cranking the thermostat down but you’re still not cold. This may be a problem with the air conditioner or it may lie in the thermostat. Either way, you should be able to set it and forget it, knowing your AC will maintain your desired temperature. 

Learn more about common AC repairs and their solutions in our blog.

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Turn to Cody & Sons Plumbing, Heating & Air when you are searching for professionals to fix your malfunctioning AC unit. We bring honesty, integrity, and more than 50 years in business to all of our jobs in Dallas. Whether you need Dallas air conditioning repair, maintenance, or a new AC unit installed, we’ll send out an expert air conditioning technician to your property in Dallas to address and resolve any AC services you may need. Reach out to us if you need help with your cooling system!


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