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No Hot Water
Faucet Is Dripping
Drain Cleaning

No Hot Water?

Running out of hot water is never a good thing! It prevents you from taking showers, cleaning your dishes, or even washing your clothes! At Cody & Sons, we know that running out of hot water is a big deal that can cause discomfort. We promise to get to you as quickly as possible to help you with your issue of running out of hot water. We'll diagnose the issue with your hot water heater and fix it fast so you can have the hot water you need!

Faucet Dripping?

A dripping faucet can drive you crazy, in addition to costing alot more money than you may think! Rather than wasting your money, call Cody & Sons at the first sign of a dripping faucet. We'll get to you quickly, diagnose why your faucet is dripping, and fix the problem immediately. Stop the dripping, call Cody & Sons today!

Drain Clogged

Your home’s drainage system is something not often thought about until there’s a serious problem.  When water pools up in the shower, the sink won’t properly drain, or worse—the toilet overflows, call your plumbing problem solvers—Cody & Sons. We'll get it fixed fast.

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Water Heaters & Tankless

No one wants to go without hot water. Especially while taking a shower! Be sure to call Cody & Sons if you are in this predicament. Our highly trained team of plumbing problem solvers will get your problem diagnosed and repaired quickly and professionally. We service all makes of water heaters both electric and gas.

Tankless water heaters are more efficient, take up less space and provide endless hot water. If you are considering an upgrade to a tankless water heater, Cody & Sons is very experienced with installation. We have three technicians that are certified Navien Service Specialists. Click here to learn more about how a Navien tankless water heater works.

Plumbing Maintenance Special

    $145 Tank-type Water Heater Flush

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Garbage Disposals

Your grandmother could live without a garbage disposal, but in today’s modern kitchen you can’t do without the convenience and functionality of this environmentally sound way to dispose of food waste. We offer the “InSinkErator” brand of disposals, with the highest standard in performance and grinding. It is the #1 choice of professionals worldwide. From the economical Badger I to the top of the line Evolution Series, we can help you choose what option is right for you.

 Garbage Disposal Special

    $350 Install of a Badger 5XP Garbage Disposal from InSinkErator (Includes minor drain work)


Drain Cleaning

Your home’s drainage system is something not often thought about until there’s a serious problem.  When water pools up in the shower, the sink won’t properly drain, or worse—the toilet overflows— call your Frisco drain cleaning professionals at  Cody & Sons.

We have the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment to inspect any serious problems that lie below your home’s drainage system. Our professional plumbers are here to offer the best solutions that won’t break the bank.  For preventative care, we offer yearly drain maintenance agreements to help you stay one step ahead of those unforeseen problems and costly repairs.

Toilet Install & Repair

Toilet repairs seem to be an easy do-it-yourself fix, but oftentimes, what seems to be a simple repair can sometimes be the symptom of a much bigger issue. Before attempting this repair yourself, the next time you are having problems with your toilet, call Cody & Sons.  We offer years of experience and a thorough diagnostics evaluation to help flush those problems away.

If your unit is older and it’s time to replace, we can provide many options on models.  We carry Gerber and American Standard. Both manufacturers offer the “comfort height” and larger flush valve options.

   New Toilet Special

    $650 for installation of a Gerber Maxwell


From a half bath redo to a complete house remodel, you can count on our team of professionals to offer you the best upgrade options available. Call today to set up an appointment for a Cody & Sons consultation. We will be able to assist you in making the right decisions.


Gas Leak & Repair

The first thing to do if you smell gas in or around your home is to call the gas company or fire department right away and leave your home. Fumes can accumulate and simply turning on a light, lighting a candle, or static electricity can have possible deadly results.
Gas leaks and repairs must be handled by a licensed professional. We have been locating and repairing gas leaks for over 45 years. Cody & Sons will make sure you know your options and will present you with a fair and upfront price before we begin any repairs.

If you are looking for plumbing in Frisco TX, there is nobody better than Cody and Sons Plumbing. Give us a call today and we will tell you more.

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