5 Plumbing Tips for the Summer

It’s the first summer in your new home and you couldn’t be more excited for family get-togethers and weekend pool parties. Before we jump into June, be sure to check out these 5 plumbing tips for the Texas summer to save you time and money from the best plumbers in Dallas, Cody & Sons. 

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Check sprinkler systems:

The first way to save money on your Dallas plumbing this summer is to check your sprinkler systems right away. Dallas sprinkler systems are set up underground, where they can end up breaking and leaking, wasting unnecessary amounts of water. Ironically, this can do the opposite of what sprinklers are designed to do. Sprinkler systems are put into place to keep your lawn watered, growing lush, and full all summer. A leak in the underground system could not only cost you extra money every month, but it could potentially kill your grass from over-watering. 

Now is the opportune time to run an overall check of the system. 

  • Check your irrigation controller to make sure it isn’t running the sprinklers for unnecessary periods of time. 
  • Invest in a smart irrigation controller like Rachio. Not only can they be controlled by your phone, but they also have a rain-skip protocol built-in so your system won’t run in rainy weather. 
  • Make sure your sprinkler valves aren’t flooded, which could happen due to damaged wiring or worn parts. 
  • Inspect the lawn for small pools of water. This is a symptom of a steady leak from underground. 
  • Position sprinkler heads to spray on the lawn and/or garden instead of on pavement and foundation. 
  • Hire professional plumbers in Dallas, TX to find sprinkler leaks without damaging your lawn and garden. A Cody and Son representative can examine your irrigation upon request!

Bonus Tip: Water your yard in the morning or evening when the temperature of the day has cooled down a bit. This will prevent the water from evaporating quickly due to the summer heat. 

Clear gutters:

Clearing the gutters is a house maintenance task that might not make it to your list every season. Gutter cleanings should be done at least once a year, but we recommend checking this off your list every fall and summer. 

Gutters are designed to protect your home and landscaping from severe runoff. It is best to remove any sticks and leaves that could’ve built up from the fall season and prepare your gutters once again for the notorious April and May showers. 

Save water:

There has been a growing effort to save water as climates climb in the Texas summer heat. Not only can saving water help your own county if you find yourself in a drought this season, but it can also help you save time and money. Here are two easy ways to save water that you might not have thought of before. 

  • Cover your pool: while covering the pool is an obvious thing to do for the cooler months, it is just as important to cover it while it’s not in use during the summer months as well. This will prevent fallen debris from littering your pool water and it will also prevent evaporating water from escaping into the atmosphere. Save time by no longer having to clean out pesky leaves and branches. Save money by no longer having to refill the pool every few weeks. 
  • Get a rain barrel: if you have a garden or a big grassy backyard, it is worth considering a rainwater harvesting system. You can collect the runoff from your roof by placing a barrel beneath the downspout. Repurpose that water by watering your plants and lawn to save money. In fact, some counties in Texas even offer a tax incentive for collecting rainwater!

Eliminate condensation:

One of the most common issues homeowners find in the summer is condensation pooling up around pipes and fixtures. This happens because the water inside the appliances is cooler than the air surrounding it. Over time, this can cause surface damage. In severe cases, mold and wood rot is likely to occur. Below are some easy tips from your favorite Dallas plumbing company to help.

  • Insulate your pipes: the easiest and most cost-effective way to prevent sweating on your pipes is by insulating them. Proper insulation will prevent the humid air from reaching the cold pipes. 
  • Dehumidify your air: most bathrooms come with a ventilation fan, but if you’re noticing a high amount of condensation, it might be worth checking that the ventilation is the right size and high quality. Don’t forget to shower with the fan on to wick away steam and keep your appliances dry. Ask our HVAC team for help!
  • Install a water-mixing anti-sweat valve: lastly, you can install a water-mixing anti-sweat valve at the water line to the toilet. These valves connect both the cold and hot water in your plumbing and will permit hot water when needed to increase the temperature using as little hot water as possible. 

Avoid clogs:

You might notice an increase in clogs and drain cleanings during the summer months and there are a few explanations for why that could be. 

  • Increase in family gatherings: not only are kiddos home for the summer, making for a full house more often during the day when it might otherwise be empty, but you might also be hosting some summer activities. From birthdays to Fourth of July parties, guests will be using your bathroom and kitchen which will be causing a strain on your sewer system.
    • Bonus tip: a great way to save water this summer is by installing a dual-flush toilet. One flush for urine and another for waste. Two-stage flush system toilets use about 20 percent less water per year than conventional one-flush-only toilets, and many qualify for WaterSense certification. However, you’ll pay a slight premium. Dual-flush toilets cost 10 percent to 20 percent more than their conventional counterparts. Ask Dallas, TX plumbing experts, Cody & Sons for more info!
  • Severe summer storms: a strike in water runoff can overwhelm storm and sanitary sewers. Debris from the storm, like leaves and branches, can also lead to clogs in the line.
  • Invasive tree roots: tree roots travel to find water beneath the ground. The tiniest leak in your pipes will cause tree roots to gravitate towards your system and invade. Once inside your pipes, tree roots will grab onto tissue and other objects leaving your drains, causing nasty stoppages, especially in older homes. 
  • Call Cody & Sons for reliable drain cleaning in Dallas when you need it.

Any of these sound familiar? The best solution for preventing and repairing Dallas plumbing problems is to invest in routine maintenance. Join our MVP program to save money this summer.

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