Common Plumbing Problems You Should Know About

Moving out on your own for the first time is exciting. We’re getting closer to the first day of the semester, which means it’s move-in season for many college students. Knowing how to take care of your new place is just as important as knowing how you’re going to decorate your new bedroom. Whether you’re renting a small home with roommates or opted for an apartment, here are 3 common household plumbing problems that the best plumbers in Dallas, Cody & Sons, think you should know about. 

Why does my toilet keep running?

A toilet that constantly runs might seem like a minute problem until it runs up your water bill. Don’t wait to get this issue fixed in order to save you money and stress. A running toilet means that water is constantly flowing, costing you money while creating an irritating noise. 

  • What causes a running toilet: this occurs when something inside the tank is no longer working properly. Typically, the flapper valve is the culprit of letting water consistently run into the bowl if it no longer fits correctly. Check for a leak by using food coloring to dye the water in the tank and wait 20 minutes. If the color has traveled into the bowl, you have a leak. 
  • How to fix a running toilet: Running toilets can sometimes be caused by a number of things. Finding the leak is what plumbers are best at. However, toilet repair kits are available at home improvement stores. These fit standard models with relatively easy installation. If these options don’t work, call Cody & Sons, the best plumbers Dallas has to offer!

How do I fix my jammed garbage disposal?

Knowing what you can and cannot put down a garbage disposal is the best way to prevent this problem. A jammed garbage disposal is one of many common plumbing problems among first-time tenets. Chases are, you might not have been doing chores daily living at your parents, and if something ever went wrong with the plumbing, you probably never asked why. Learn how to prevent plumbing problems now to save you money in the future. 

Can put in Garbage DisposalCannot put in Garbage Disposal
Most fruit scrapsWaste from potatoes
Most vegetable scrapsCoffee grounds
Salads Egg shells
  • What causes a jammed garbage disposal: a garbage disposal can become jammed if food or other items become stuck and unmovable. NEVER put your hand into the sink drain to fish out items. It is best to use tongs to grab large items if you can. Check to make sure your garbage disposal is still plugged in before doing any work. Overfilled sink cabinets can sometimes knock the plug from the outlet. 
  • How to fix a jammed garbage disposal: If your garbage disposal is still plugged in, there are two things you can do at home to fix this common plumbing problem.
    • Hit the reset button. There should be a red button located on the bottom of your garbage disposal. Press that and then test your unit. 
    • Manually unstick the disposal. Under your sink, you should find an L shaped wrench. Insert the short side into the slot at the bottom of your disposal and twist to loosen up the clog. Once moving freely, test the unit. 

Are chemical drain cleaners safe to use?

Drain cleaners can be a great preventive measure to add to your new home maintenance routine. You’ll want to use a more environmentally-friendly option that won’t leave a bad chemical smell. We recommend using The Beast BioDrain for a safe and effective product for new homeowners. However, once a major clog forms, it’s best to call a plumber for drain cleaning in Dallas, TX out to fix the problem. 

  • What causes a clogged drain in Dallas TX?: Drain clogs are caused by hair, soap scum, and oils clumping together inside the drain. This can occur in the shower, bathroom sink, and sometimes the kitchen as well. BioDrain is formulated with microbes that eat away at these substances to free the drain of debris. 
  • How to use BioDrain to prevent a clogged drain in Dallas, TX: use BioDrain once a month or as needed in all of the drains in your household. Pick a time when drains are suspected to be used for six hours or so (typically before bedtime or as you’re leaving for work/class). Allowing the solution to sit in your drains gives the microbes time to consume the debris before being flushed away with hot water or antibacterial soap.

Common Plumbing Problems Every College Freshman Should Know

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Maintaining your home can have a major learning curve. Just like anything else, housekeeping is a skill you can learn and improve on. Tackle these common plumbing problems and more. Read our plumbing and HVAC tips for home maintenance ideas here in Texas.