Why Won’t My Furnace Turn On?

Dallas furnace burner

If your Dallas furnace won’t turn on, it’s easy to feel frustrated and anxious. After all, with your furnace not working, you could get too cold at home and you could even have your pipes freeze. Fortunately, there are a few things you can check when your furnace won’t start. You may be able to do something to get your furnace started again.

If you try all of these and your furnace blower is not working or it isn’t heating, call us at Cody & Sons right away. We’ll get your furnace back on as soon as we can. 

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Air Filter Issues

When you leave an air filter in the furnace too long, it fills up and your furnace has to work extra hard to get the air it needs. This can cause it to work too hard. Some units will shut off when they have to work so hard, while others will break down. If your furnace won’t start, try changing the air filter and see if that helps. 

Your Pilot Light Went Out

Check for a blue flame near the bottom of your furnace, or wherever the pilot light is located on your unit. Without this, your furnace won’t turn on. If it’s out, relight it if you know how or call us for help. 

The Gas Supply is Too Low

Make sure your gas supply is turned all the way on. Your furnace can’t work without this. Some homeowners think it’s safer to turn this part of the way off, but this only ends with your furnace not working. It should be all the way on or all the way off. 

The Thermostat Got Reset

Make sure your thermostat is set where you want it to be. If it got bumped, it could be the reason why your furnace won’t turn on. You’d be surprised how often we diagnose this as the problem behind a furnace breakdown.

Call For Furnace Repair in Dallas

Call us at Cody & Sons whenever your Dallas furnace blower is not working or it blows cold air and you can’t fix the problem. We’ll send a HVAC technician out to perform your Dallas furnace repair ASAP and let you know how to keep it working!  Think it may be time to replace your furnace in Dallas? Read our blog post “The Top 4 Signs That You Need  A New Furnace” or contact us for an expert opinion today.

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