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When you need a plumber to help with your next drain cleaning in Grand Prairie, TX contact us at Cody & Sons right away. We’ll get to you quickly, assess your needs accurately, then get straight to work. We are the plumbing company that won’t rest until your clogged drain is gone!

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Drain Cleaning in Grand Prairie

When it comes to drain cleaning in Grand Prairie, TX we have a wide variety of options we can use to get rid of your clogged drain. Our plumbing contractor will take a look at your drains, then choose the method that they think has the best chance of working fast.

Our team for plumbing in Grand Prairie, TX will also choose the method that is the least invasive. That way, there’s less risk for your system and the job is also likely to go faster.

We can use chemical agents, drain snaking, drain rodding, hydro jetting, and more to complete your drain cleaning in Grand Prairie. If one doesn’t work, we’ll try another. We won’t stop until your clog is gone.

Sewer Options

Our plumber in Grand Prairie can also take care of any sewer cleaning needs that come up for you. As your plumbing company, we know that sewer problems can be stressful. That’s why we promise to get to you fast, evaluate your sewer needs thoroughly and accurately, then get to work cleaning it out for you.

When you need a reliable Grand Prairie plumbing contractor who will work hard for you, give us a call at Cody & Sons right away. We are your drain cleaning and sewer cleaning experts and we are always here for you, no matter what happens in or around your home.

Sewer Repair

Our Grand Prairie plumbing team will also take care of any other sewer repairs that might come up for you. If your sewer line is sagging, broken, cracked, or clogged, our team will find the problem and fix it for you fast.

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Call on our team of plumbers in Grand Prairie, TX from Cody & Sons anytime you need a drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, or sewer repair. We promise to get to work as soon as possible and keep working until your water and waste are flowing properly once again. Call now to get an appointment with one of our skilled plumbers soon!

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