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Plumbing Services & Repair in Grand Prairie

When you need a plumber in Grand Prairie, look no further than our team from Cody & Sons. We’ll get to you ASAP and make sure your drains and sewers are working well before we leave!

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Drain Cleaning

When it comes to drain cleaning in Grand Prairie, we’ll get rid of your clog fast!

Our Grand Prairie plumber comes to you armed with all the tools they need to find your clog and eliminate it. We’ll take the time to locate it, then use the best methods we have to either break it up or pull it out so your drains will work well again.

Call now or anytime you need drain cleaning in Grand Prairie, TX.

Sewer Repair

Our team for plumbing in Grand Prairie, TX can also help you with your next sewer repair. We’ll find the problem, then design a solution that will work for you based on what’s going on, the type of pipes you have, the age of your home, and more.

Water Heater Repair, Replacement, & Maintenance

Our Grand Prairie plumbing team will make sure you have the hot water you need, no matter what. Whether your hot water heater breaks down or it’s time to get a new one, we have your back.

There’s no water heater repair in Grand Prairie, TX that we won’t do for you. Let us know when it breaks so we can fix it fast!

Plumbing Installation

When you need a plumber in Grand Prairie to do a plumbing installation, contact us right away. We can install everything from sinks and faucets to new pipes, new tubs and showers, and more. There’s nothing we won’t put in for you! And we’ll make sure everything is working well before we leave, too!

Kitchen/Bathroom Remodeling

If you need a Grand Prairie plumber to help with kitchen or bathroom remodeling, call now. We have worked on remodels both big and small, and we are sure we can help you get your home looking and feeling just the way you want it to!

Kitchen/Bathroom Plumbing

Our Grand Prairie plumbing team is here for all of your kitchen and bathroom plumbing needs.

From toilet repair to sink repair to drain cleaning in Grand Prairie, we have you covered! No matter what the problem is, we’ll identify it accurately and find a solution that works for you ASAP.

Call us at Cody & Sons now, or anytime you need help with your plumbing in Grand Prairie, TX.

We’ll take care of literally anything, from replacing your sewer to your water heater repair in Grand Prairie, TX. Make an appointment with one of our skilled plumbers now and see how easy it is to fix your plumbing woes today!

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