(Mostly) Weather Proof Your Home Systems with Generator Installation in Plano, TX

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If you need generator installation in Plano, TX, there are more benefits than just convenience. Securing a generator for your home is a significant step toward ensuring your comfort and safety. It’s also a part of weather proofing your home systems. The team at Cody & Sons Plumbing, Heating and Air offer generator repair in Plano TX, maintenance, and more for the continuous power you deserve.

Protect Your Home During Intense Summer Storms

If you want your home to stay up and running during intense summer storms, standby generators in Plano, TX can help. When the weather rolls in, you don’t have to worry about when the power goes out. Instead of dreading the inevitable, your generator keeps your lights and HVAC system on. The results are a comfortable environment while your neighbors struggle to recover.

Stay Cool

Summer storms aren’t just dangerous, they also wipe out HVAC systems and air conditioning. Instead of living in discomfort for days or weeks until the power is restored, a generator keeps your home cool. You won’t necessarily notice the difference when your air conditioner is blasting.

Protect Your Health and Safety

If you are part of (or live with) part of the vulnerable population, standby generators in Plano, TX are a must-have. The elderly, children, and people with specific medical conditions require a cool. and consistent environment. Heat-related illnesses can escalate quickly and a generator can help protect your health and safety.

Preserve Your Food and Medication

Many life-saving medications require refrigeration, and power outages can quickly spoil your perishables. If you have a unit and it’s not working, schedule generator repair in Plano, TX to safeguard your most valuable perishables from spoilage and waste.

Stay Safe

Beyond the safety of avoiding heat-related illnesses and keeping your meds from spoiling, power outages may also disable home security systems. The results leave your property more vulnerable to burglaries, especially during widespread outages. Standby generators in Plano, TX keep your security systems up and running to keep you and your family safe.

Work From Home Without Interruption

If you work from home, you need generator installation in Plano, TX to avoid missing deadlines and stay on top of your work. Generators ensure you keep your devices charged and your internet connection live.

Enhanced Emergency Preparedness

A home generator is just one aspect of your home’s emergency preparedness plan during summer storms. You also need to ensure your’s systems maintain critical functions, including your sump pump and Plano HVAC system.

Protecting Your Home’s Infrastructure

Extreme temperatures do more than impact your comfort and convenience, they can also wreak havoc on the infrastructure of your home. Excessive heat may warp wood and other materials. In addition, your home is at risk for molding and keeps your HVAC running to prevent damage.

Keep Your Quality of Life

Beyond cooling your home and staying safe, standby generators in Plano, TX maintain normalcy and your quality of life. It helps power the continuation of daily activities, like cooking, using your Plano water heater, and entertainment.

Call For Generator Installation in Plano, TX

At home generators keep your home safe and you and your family cool and comfortable during those intense summer months. Ready to take the next steps towards generator installation in Plano TX? Call us at Cody & Sons whenever you need generator installation, upgrades, and repairs in Plano or Dallas. Call us today to schedule your appointment!