When, Where, and How to Use BioDrain for Home Maintenance

The most common Dallas plumbing issue new homeowners struggle with are slow, stubborn, clogged drains. You can prevent this costly issue by knowing when, where, and how to use BioDrain for home maintenance. 

Whether it’s the sink, shower drain, or garbage disposal, one of these will eventually fill with hair, dirt, and debris. The best option for clearing a drain is calling a licensed professional at Cody and Sons Plumbing, Heating, and Air to perform drain cleaning in Dallas or the surrounding areas for you, but there is a way you can prevent clogged drains from happening in the first place. Cody & Sons serves the DFW area, so we are also the Plano plumbers to call!

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What is The Beast BioDrain? 

The Beast BioDrain is an all natural biodegradable formula that is safe to use, not only for the pipes in your plumbing system, but the environment as well. This biological concentrate contains microorganisms that digest soap, oils, fats, and other organic waste. Not only will it clear the clog, but The Beast BioDrain also deodorizes, eliminating the smell caused by buildup.

When should you use BioDrain for home maintenance?

The Beast BioDrain is a preventive measure you can take for your home maintenance. Add this product to your weekly house cleaning routine in order to dissolve organic buildup before it becomes a clog. 

Use BioDrain at a time of day when you expect the drains in your house to be used the lowest. For example, use this right before bedtime at the end of your cleaning day or as the last task on your list as you prepare for a weekend getaway. 

This will give the microbes a chance to digest soap, oils, and fats before being washed away by hot water or anti-bacterial handwash. 

Where can you use BioDrain?

Because BioDrain is safe on all types of pipes, you can use it on any drain in the house. This includes the sinks in your bathroom, your tub or shower, a stubborn slow toilet, and your garbage disposal as well. 

Just as important as knowing where to use a drain cleaner is knowing where not to use it. It is not recommended to use drain cleaner in a dishwashing machine. Drain cleaners can be harmful to the parts of a dishwashing machine, such as the pump or the rubber seals. 

How to use BioDrain for home maintenance?

First, gently shake the bottle as microbes may settle. 

Drain maintenance: Flush drain with warm water for 1 minute. Apply ⅛ cup (1 oz) or one measuring spoon per month to each drain. 

Toilet maintenance: apply ⅛ cup (1 oz) or one measuring spoon per month to each toilet and flush. 

Garbage Disposal: Add ⅛ cup (1 oz) or one measuring spoon of The Beast BioDrain to the disposal at the end of day. Turn on, then off quickly. Reapply weekly or as needed. 

An easy way to take care of your new home is with The Beast BioDrain to help take care of minor clogs and prevent new ones from occurring. A small step to add to your home maintenance routine that can make a big difference and ultimately prevent unnecessary drain cleaning in the Dallas area. 

“It works. No longer do I have to ream out problem drains every six months. Shake the container, fill the 1/8th cup measure that comes with the product and dump it in the drain. Then add 1/2 cup water. Let it set for 6 hours and flush. For difficult drains use a plunger to clear out accumulated gunk. For maintenance, I recommend repeating the process every 30 days. Every drain you use this on will seem like it’s plumbed with 4-inch PVC all the way to the sewer plant.”

Plano & Dallas Plumbers Keeping Your Drains Clean & Clear

If you notice slow drains after use, you may have a bigger problem on your hands. Call Cody and Sons Plumbing, Heating, and Air to schedule a call. We have a variety of drain cleaning methods at our disposal. Our Dallas plumbers will make sure that we use a method that will be effective on your clog and safe for your pipes, no matter how old or fragile they might be. 

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