When, Where, and How to Use BioDrain for Home Maintenance

The most common Dallas plumbing issue new homeowners struggle with are slow, stubborn, clogged drains. You can prevent this costly issue by knowing when, where, and how to use BioDrain for home maintenance. 

Whether it’s the sink, shower drain, or garbage disposal, one of these will eventually fill with hair, dirt, and debris. The best option for clearing a drain is calling a licensed professional at Cody and Sons Plumbing, Heating, and Air to perform drain cleaning in Dallas or the surrounding areas for you, but there is a way you can prevent clogged drains from happening in the first place. 

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What is The Beast BioDrain? 

The Beast BioDrain is an all natural biodegradable formula that is safe to use, not only for the pipes in your plumbing system, but the environment as well. This biological concentrate contains microorganisms that digest soap, oils, fats, and other organic waste. Not only will it clear the clog, but The Beast BioDrain also deodorizes, eliminating the smell caused by buildup.

When should you use BioDrain for home maintenance?

The Beast BioDrain is a preventive measure you can take for your home maintenance. Add this product to your weekly house cleaning routine in order to dissolve organic buildup before it becomes a clog. 

Use BioDrain at a time of day when you expect the drains in your house to be used the lowest. For example, use this right before bedtime at the end of your cleaning day or as the last task on your list as you prepare for a weekend getaway. 

This will give the microbes a chance to digest soap, oils, and fats before being washed away by hot water or anti-bacterial handwash. 

Where can you use BioDrain?

Because BioDrain is safe on all types of pipes, you can use it on any drain in the house. This includes the sinks in your bathroom, your tub or shower, a stubborn slow toilet, and your garbage disposal as well. 

Just as important as knowing where to use a drain cleaner is knowing where not to use it. It is not recommended to use drain cleaner in a dishwashing machine. Drain cleaners can be harmful to the parts of a dishwashing machine, such as the pump or the rubber seals. 

How to use BioDrain for home maintenance?

First, gently shake the bottle as microbes may settle. 

Drain maintenance: Flush drain with warm water for 1 minute. Apply ⅛ cup (1 oz) or one measuring spoon per month to each drain. 

Toilet maintenance: apply ⅛ cup (1 oz) or one measuring spoon per month to each toilet and flush. 

Garbage Disposal: Add ⅛ cup (1 oz) or one measuring spoon of The Beast BioDrain to the disposal at the end of day. Turn on, then off quickly. Reapply weekly or as needed. 

An easy way to take care of your new home is with The Beast BioDrain to help take care of minor clogs and prevent new ones from occurring. A small step to add to your home maintenance routine that can make a big difference and ultimately prevent unnecessary drain cleaning in the Dallas area. 

“It works. No longer do I have to ream out problem drains every six months. Shake the container, fill the 1/8th cup measure that comes with the product and dump it in the drain. Then add 1/2 cup water. Let it set for 6 hours and flush. For difficult drains use a plunger to clear out accumulated gunk. For maintenance, I recommend repeating the process every 30 days. Every drain you use this on will seem like it’s plumbed with 4-inch PVC all the way to the sewer plant.”

Plano & Dallas Plumbers Keeping Your Drains Clean & Clear

If you notice slow drains after use, you may have a bigger problem on your hands. Call Cody and Sons Plumbing, Heating, and Air to schedule a call. We have a variety of drain cleaning methods at our disposal. Our Dallas plumbers will make sure that we use a method that will be effective on your clog and safe for your pipes, no matter how old or fragile they might be. 

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How to Prepare for an Energy Blackout in Texas

As we know, this past Monday ERCOT issued a conservation alert to Texans. Citizens have been on edge about power shortages ever since The Great Texas Freeze of 2021 when over 6,000 people died within the week. With extreme levels of frost and heat, there’s no better time than now to learn the best ways to help prevent an energy blackout. However, your whole family should be aware of how to prepare for an energy blackout in Texas. 


Set your thermostat 4 degrees higher

When you’re away from home for more than four hours, set your thermostat 4 degrees higher to prevent wasteful energy use and costs. 

Use blackout curtains and blinds

Blackout curtains and blinds will prevent sun rays from warming your home by up to 50 percent. This will lower the demand on your AC unit. Keep them closed as often as possible.

Set ceiling fans counterclockwise

Ceiling fans have a summer and winter mode. Do a once-over in your home to set all ceiling fans counterclockwise. This will conserve energy by pushing cool air down instead of drawing warm air upwards. This is one of the best ways to save energy and energy costs in the summer.

Weatherproof your home

Small leaks in your home can lead to a massive waste or energy and cost. Use a candle near a window and door frame to test for leaks. If the flame flickers, air is moving through the cracks. These can be plugged with weatherstripping or silicone caulk. 

Line dry clothes instead

Conserve energy with line drying your clothes. Install a drying rack in your laundry room, back porch, and kitchen to air dry clothing. You can use this for towels, outwear, and kitsch accessories along with everyday items. 

Cook and wash earlier in the day

Try to meal prep and wash dishes in the morning. Avoid using as much energy as possible during peak time (usually 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. here in Texas). Use the soak and rinse method when washing dishes instead of continually running hot water. Heat liquids in the microwave to reduce energy. Try cold dinners instead of hot dinners to help cool off after a long day. Check out these 30 Cold Dinner Ideas for Scorching Hot Nights

Preparation and Handling

The following are a few ways you can prepare for a blackout, as well as how to handle one. Make sure your entire family knows these safety tips this summer. Everyone should know how to prepare for an energy blackout in Texas. 

Know the signs of heat stroke and dehydration

Common signs of heat stroke are:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness or confusion
  • Loss of appetite and nausea 
  • Fast breathing
  • Cramps in arms, legs, and stomach

Common signs of dehydration are:

  • Excessive thirst
  • Excessive tiredness
  • Feeling lightheaded
  • Dry mouth, lips, or eyes
  • Dark yellow and strong-smelling urine

If you notice signs of heat stroke or dehydration in yourself or someone else, try these five methods of cooling:

  • Hydrate with cool water, not cold water. Avoid sugary drinks for rehydration.
  • Immerse body in cool water
  • Mist body with cool water and lie under ceiling fan or near box fan
  • Cool down neck, back, groin, and/or arm pits with ice packs
  • For severe symptoms, call 911

Stock Pantry

Non-perishable dry foods are important during power outages. You’ll want to have items on-hand that last a while and require no cooking. Here is a list of some things to include in your power outage grocery list:

  • Peanut butter (a good source of protein that can be used in a variety of ways)
  • Tuna pouches (ready to eat source of protein)
  • Fruit cups (ready to eat source of nutrients)
  • Beef Jerky (ready to eat source of protein)
  • Trail Mix (variety of essential energy sources)
  • Cereal bars (variety of nutrients)

Store plenty of water

Water will be the more vital resource. Be sure to have plenty of filtered or bottled water on hand for everyone in your household. 

Take cold baths

Conserve your water by taking cold baths instead of hot showers. Not only will this help prevent an energy blackout in Texas, it will also help keep your body temperature low. 

Try not to open the refrigerator 

You will want to keep the refrigerator as cold as possible for as long as possible. Most cold foods will only last about 12 to 48 hours in the refrigerator during a power outage. A full refrigerator will stay cold longer than a half-full refrigerator. If the power outage may last longer than a day, buy coolers and bags of ice to transfer your cold items into. 

Use no-flame lighting

Using candles for a light source will bring unnecessary heat into your home. Use light sources powered by batteries, such as LED lights and flashlights. 

Create an at-home evaporative cooler

You can create a DIY evaporative cooler at home by hanging a wet cloth or towel vertically. Use a battery-operated fan behind it to blow air towards the room. The fan will cool the water and blow a breeze across the room. There are several methods to create an evaporative cooler at home. This is one of the best ways to prepare for an energy blackout in Texas, especially with small children and pets. 

Pin this page in case you may need it. Temperatures in Texas are expected to stay in the 100s for the foreseeable future. Prepare for the worst now to make the best of the situation later!

6 Pet Summer Safety Tips

air conditioning dallas cooling tips for pet owners

For many families, summer means pool parties and outdoor barbecues. Most people will find any reason to get together for some fun in the sun. Of course, our fur babies are honorary members of our family. Make sure you know how to take care of them correctly during your summer celebrations. Read these 6 pet summer safety tips to keep your pets happy and healthy from us at Cody & Sons Plumbing, Heating & Air!

Know the signs of overheating

The most common symptom of overheating in pets is excessive pants or difficulty breathing. This could also be accompanied by drooling, as well as increased heart rate, mild weakness, and even fainting. If their body temperatures reach over 104 degrees, pets may experience seizures, bloody diarrhea, and vomiting. 

Do NOT shave your pets

While you should ask your vet to trim your pet’s hair, do not shave your pet. The layers in a dog’s fur coat actually help prevent overheating and sunburn. However, brushing your pet to get rid of excessive hair build-up can also help prevent overheating as well. Lastly, be sure any sunscreen you are using on your pet is specifically labeled for use on animals. 

Keep your animals off hot asphalt

Always remember that if the ground is too hot for you, then it is too hot for your animal. A good way to check is by placing the back of your hand on the asphalt and letting it rest for at least five to ten seconds. If you aren’t able to handle the heat on your skin, do not let your dogs walk on the asphalt. Not only will it burn their paw pads, it can also heat up your animal’s body from being so close to the hot ground. 

Provide plenty of fresh water

Pets can dehydrate quickly, just like small children. Having family get-togethers is sure to get some animals excited and wanting to play. Exerting excess energy while outside will cause them to dehydrate quicker. Be sure to provide plenty of fresh, cool water for your animals in a shady spot that is easy for them to get, too. You can also purchase doggie water bottles to keep with you on road trips, evenings at the dog park, and other summertime adventures!

Monitor flat-faced pets

Animals with flat faces, like Pugs, Shih Tzus, and Persian cats, are not able to pant as easily as other pets. This means they are more susceptible to heat stroke. They should be kept in air-conditioned rooms as much as possible. 

Make DIY Pupsicles

Popsicles are a great way to keep dogs cool while also keeping them hydrated. Frozen treats are oftentimes packed with fruits or vegetables and even protein powders to provide some much needed vitamins and electrolytes during the summer. But be careful, your non-fur babies might steal them all! Children will surely want to get their paws on these too!

Check out these 9 Yummy Pupsicle Recipes to Cool Your Dog Off!

Here’s what you can do to treat your pet if you notice obvious symptoms of overheating. 

  1. Bring your pet to a cooler or air-conditioned area
  2. Wet your pet softly with cool (not cold) water
  3. Place pet in front of a fan to dry
  4. Provide cool water for them to drink as they dry off

The most important thing is to be sure everyone in your family knows what to do if they notice the symptoms discussed above.

These are just a few ways you can keep your pet safe this summer season. Temperatures are only rising here in Texas. We’re expecting highs of over 100 degrees over the weekend. Share this post to inform friends and family on how they can keep their pets from overheating with these 6 pet summer safety tips. 

How to Become a Plumber in Texas

Nowadays, workers are valuing stability and development above other benefits when considering their career. Working in the trades provides job security and opportunities for advancement. It’s never too late to switch to a more rewarding career path. Learn how you can become a plumber in Texas.  

“We have 7.3 million open jobs right now, most of which don’t require a four-year degree,” said Mike Rowe, well-known for his show Dirty Jobs, in an interview with Jeffrey Roberts of Family Handyman. “They require training, they require skill and they require a willingness to master a trade that’s in demand.”

Companies currently hiring tradesmen are having a hard time finding applicants in today’s job market. There has been a significant decline in how many young people are seeking a career in the trades. Consequently, the demand for workers in trade jobs is skyrocketing (which means higher pay and better benefits). 

This is a great opportunity for people who feel a fast-paced, hands-on work experience might be right for them. You can start developing a career with no college experience required. Here’s how:

Different Types of Licenses

Firstly, there are four different types of plumbing licenses: Tradesman Plumber Limited, Journeyman, Master, and Plumbing Inspector. In this post, we will talk about how to become an apprentice. Then, we will discuss how to earn a Tradesman Plumber Limited License.

Be At Least 16 Years of Age

Before getting licensed, you will become an apprentice. You only need to be 16 years of age in order to apply as a Plumber’s Apprentice in Texas.

Submit Completed Application With Fee

Secondly, submit the Plumbers Apprentice Registration Application and a $15 fee to the TSBPE. This is a 3-page application form on the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners website. 

Learn & Assist Under A Licensed Plumber

Once registered as a Plumber’s Apprentice, you will begin working under the direct supervision of a licensed plumber. Don’t be afraid to start applying for entry-level positions. At Cody & Sons, we are always looking for outgoing, problem-solvers who aren’t afraid to learn new things.

Complete Required Hours

Then, earn 4,000 hours of work experience. Remember, you must be registered as an apprentice before you can start counting hours. Earning hours towards a license can be a productive way for many young people to spend their summer breaks. 

Complete 24-hour Training Course

Next, you will complete a 24-hour TSBPE-approved training course. Another option is to be enrolled in and/or have completed a training program approved by the United States Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship. 

Get Certified

Finally, apply for the Tradesman Plumber-Limited Examination. Submit the application with all supporting documentation, Employer Certification Form(s), and a $36 fee to the TSBPE. If you have been convicted of a felony, submit a Supplemental Criminal History Information Form

After successfully completing the exam, you will pay $35 to receive your license and pocket holder. 

Apply At Cody & Sons

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Check out our Careers page if you’re interested in becoming a plumber in Dallas. We are looking for candidates dedicated to personal and professional growth. We provide ongoing training and education in their field in an effort to assist our employees in professional development.

Visit here for more information on how you can become an HVAC technician in Texas with Service Titan.